No credits when people open my links + Contributor level not updating
I have had 2 replies to two leaks I uploaded and my credits actually went down from 2 to 1. My contributor level is also 22 but I still can't reveal a link I paid for over a month ago...

I would like to know at LEAST if once my contrib level is appripriate it will automatically reveal the link, I'm worried it will be premanently locked away because my level was too low at the time of me unlocking it.

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You are "paid" credits when people pay for for you link using credits.

Once you have reached the appropriate contributor level, the link will Auto Unlock for you
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I think the link unlocks automatically when u get ur level up.

That is lowkey dumb cause I have a post with over 20 replies and I got like 0 credits from it

Same... I have a post with a couple of replies and I got no credits from them. Worse, my contributor level went super low... Kinda frustrating

Arrow Any like will be much much appreciated guys. Cheers ! Sick