Okay, I'm watching The X-files from the beginning :cool:
The first season is a little cheap on a side, but the vibe is freakin awesome.
The Season 2 sounds awesome ; only saw the firsts 2 episodes

I remember when I first saw this series as a kid, when my mother was watching the TV late on the evening, I was shitting my pants.

Hope governement wont delete my post....

I remember watching this years ago - wonder how well it holds up now

I once saw a thread online somewhere about what order to watch the episodes in.

Some people just wanted to see the episodes that deal with the overall government conspiracy and some people just wanted to watch the monster of the week episodes.
I never finished the show. might be time to get into it.

i think the later season's flounder out a little bit. but it was still good.

great show but when mulder and scully, stop being the central focus it starts to take a hard dive down.