Old School MMORPGs?
Checking to see if any old school MMORPG players on here. Specifically anyone who used to play Ultima Online. Felt like the private servers were such a tight knit community! Curious to see if anyone played on any of the shards.

Will never find an mmorpg with the same feel as UO.

Yeah UO was cool back then but it's quite dead now. Wow private servers are the closest thing I can find.

Only old school stuff I really play now is osrs. Normal Runescape was pretty much dead after the evolution of combat update. Then making new and easy ways to level skills, taking any sense of earning out of the grinding =(

I play Ironman off and on (currently off), I never played on with a group I think that’d be cool

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I played a shit ton of MMOs back in the day. Mostly the shoddy free ones: Rakion, Flyff, Silkroad, etc. RuneScape was always the best though and OSRS is the only one I've tried to get back into.