Does anyone still watch the olympics? Feel like it was super hype before but now no one talks about it

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It always gets hyped right before it starts but with Covid it got cancelled so there really isnt much to talk about. I feel bad for the athletes who trained all their lives and now it got postponed or it might not happen at all.
Anyways, yeah i watch it for a few events but I dont seat in front of it and catch everything.

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The fact that olympic weightlifting is at risk if not already on its way out of the 2024 olympics entirely whereas breakdancing is on its way in... I feel like the olympics is going the way of most things nowadays and thats just maximizing viewership potential in order to maximize revenue. Its a feelsbad tbh

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It true that Russia cant fly they colors for next two Olympics? I read a article title but didnt get a chance to read in depth you know? Seems harsh