Only Fans substitute
What are y'all gonna use after OF ends adult content in October

Imma use

Quote:Imma use
Can't beat the price.

many going for Fansub somthing like dat

In pretty sure they're still allowing nudity. Its just no more public nudity

Is it Just public nudity being banned?

its not just public nudity being banned (only banned if recorded in country where public nudity is illegal), u can read their new aup. no sex, masturbating, that kind of stuff. that being said i think the aup might be changing quite a bit as i checked it just now and a lot of the stuff that was there now isnt. or maybe its showing me the old version for some reason.

you can read the aup here

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Oh wow that sucks man, RIP all those girls with no talent who got rich on there haha

They are allowing sex content again but a lot of them are also creating pages on Fansly. It allows for more fetish content and different types of tiers.

This problem resolved itself for the time being Smile