OnlyFans Ban on sexually explicit content
Well that didn’t last long lol; it didn’t take long for them to realize they were about to nuke their entire business.

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I don't understand why they even made the choice in the first place

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I don't understand this choice too, the sexual content is what people are on onlyfans

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I will never understand why they did that lmao

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Yo waaaat that makes no sense

Exactly! 90% of people aren’t going on onlyfans for guitar lessons or some secret photo album of space. They’re going on there for some quality content to satisfy their specific kink. All the Onlyfans content creators got a real scare for a minute lmao. Hopefully they have learned from this and don’t make this business shattering mistake again!

Apparently it was due to some financial partners like Chase Bank refusing to work with them to process the payments. Its going to be interesting to see who they work with now as they could do the same thing in the future.

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thank god we're all saved

Money came into conversation, didn't last long lol

ALso everyone knew this wouldn't last, its their rev gen

And baaaaaam, money saves everything.

Sounds dumb because now they need to come up with revenue stream. They tumblr'd themselves.

They would have become the next Tumblr

Are they recovering from the hit? I guess they will