PS3 games to get before PS Store closes
What great games do you feel need to be bought before the PS3’s store closes?

Of the games I’ve never played, I know I need to buy MSG4 and Fallout NV. I guess I should buy the Infamous games too.

The games I’ve played that I’d recommend are Black Ops 1 and 2 with all DLC (I guess you could get all CODs too if you want) and GTA IV. I’d have more to recommend but a lot of the games I played are also on PS4.

Arkham series and bioshock collection

Idk how big of a fan you are of anime games, but the ps3 store is kind of the only place to get almost all of the Persona games, even the very first one. The games before 3 are much different in style and tone but I still like them

I'll definitely get Drakengard 3, maybe the original Nier as well

get "the last of us", its a great game