PS5 Controllers
Has anyone else experienced any drifting problems after a few months of use? For me it's gotten to the point where it's become unusable due to it constantly going up and I can't select a game

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Not had drift issues yet but generally i'm not a big fan of the PS5 controller for a few reasons.

I haven't had any problems with my controller yet but I've heard that the problem is pretty common.
Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and the next wave will be better.

Might just be your batch. My controller seems fine for now. I know the PS4 controller had noticeable drift after a few months of good use. So it might just be normal?

yeah it seems to be after about 500 hours of use that some will start drifting based on some vids I saw on youtube on the topic. I opted to use my PS4 controller until I found a PS5 game I wanted to purchase before I replaced it