PS5 Or Xbox Series X
Which one are you buying?

Probably going PS5 this time for the exclusives.

I had both PS4 and Xbox One but didn't play the Xbox very much.

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PS5. I care about games more than specs

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Ps5 but not till the 2nd version of the console due to knowing that the first release will be buggy

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Ps5 is the way to go.

PS5, always been a PlayStation fan

PS has always had better game collections. But Xbox has the advantage of being able to play them with your PC. 
To be honest, I only want to play games with my PC.

PS5 for sure. Xbox allows you play their games on a computer if you want them so why buy the box?

Always PC man!

Ps5 all the way, the games will be so much better

still prefer playstation over xbox

Ps5. Just cause im a big Gran Tourismo Fan

I prefer Xbox's OS.

I'll pretty much always go PS for a console. Anything on Xbox comes to PC and I've got that covered.

Bought a ps4 just for bloodborne, probably not going to upgrade unless there's something I really want to play

Gonna have to go with the PS5, got all the previous consoles in my collection

Xbox for me please

I think Xbox is better i prefer Xbox personally it i good

ps5, because i had ps4!

None. PC is master race Smile

I am probably going to get the PS5 because I think Play stations are better in general.