Pandemic hobbies
What kind of new hobbies have you picked up during this global pandemic?

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Running! Lol

running is always nice, might try and pick up an instrument too

Ive gotten really into gundam and mecha model kits. They're relatively cheap ($15-whatever you want to spend) and generally dont require glue. Its been a good hobby to do to clear my mental space.

Working out pretty much

The only thing ive been working out is the tension on my belt loops, holding up my increasingly bigger pants. feelings.

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Gundams looks like a fun hobby to get into. Do you need to solder parts together if you don’t need glue, or do they all clip together?

Ascondai. Gundams are pretty great. All you really need to start is like a hobby knife, a pair of snips (think like small wire cutters), and some sandpaper (or file). You can get it all at a grocery store. But yeah there are like different grades and depending on the age some require more work. But in general they are snap builds and dont require glue. Now if you get really into it, you can glue pieces, paint, add leds, really do anything you want. 

If youre interested I recommend the r/gunpla community on reddit.

Programming and creating apps.


Noticed a lot of painters. I am one now Smile