Personal fantasies
Here's a post to share the things that you truly lust for that life never delivers. If you could have one sexual wish, what would it be?

Personally, I'm an outdoors enthusiast. Nothing I would like more than to be on an island paradise with a couple dozen naked hotties. Just biting into a piece of fruit while I have some sweet thing on all fours in the ocean breeze.

Threesome. MFF please

Cosplay anime characters. Love purple bitch

Coming home after a long hard day at work and getting a nice oily footjob from some high arches while I chill on the couch sipping whiskey. That'd hit the spot.

Personal fantasy: someone who loves and appropriates me unconditionally.. lol

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I think he meant sex fantasy dude At Arrow Arrow

An orgasm drug; makes you feel like your cuming with a girl ; but last longer, multiple times

Idk why but scars are quite arousing

Definitely face to face small penis humiliation. That is such a deep rooted hardcore fantasy of mine. This pandemic is making it difficult to find a partner who wants to do it in person though.


some beatiful public with 2 nice chicks

having a super submissive and slutty partner