What do you guys think about buying some kind of pet (most preferably a cat or dog) for a 4 year old kid? I'm thinking about buying one for kid but I'm not sure if he's gonna like him or the other way.

I mean did the kid ask for one? If so, then there's your answer lol. If not, then maybe check how he feels about getting one first or if you don't wanna spoil it, then ask subtly. Maybe show a video or movie with a pet and see his reaction. As for whether the pet would like him, you could always just get a baby one if you're concerned about safety I guess.

If it's not a pet that you wouldn't be willing to take full responsibility for if needed then perhaps find a lower maintenance pet.

I would ask him. Having a pet around can be pretty fun for him.

True. Maybe like a rabbit or hamster

just make sure the kid doesn't kill the pet

It can be good for a four year old, but your'e gonna be picking up after both the pet and the kid, and that kid might just think of them as a moving version of their favorite toy they love to throw around. Maybe wait another year until after they're well into Kindergarten, when they've finally learned to play nice with other kids. If they can play nice with other kids, then they can play nice with a pet.

If the little kid is into the idea of having a pet it can be very beneficial for their growth

sure, but its gonna be your responsibility obviously. not all pets are cool with kids though so there should be a trial period to determine that

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Go for it but, you too would have to take care of it and handle most of the responsibilities.

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buy a tarantula dude. Then put her on some big nipples and be mesmerized by the wonder that is nature

I would start off with a smaller pet such as a fish or a hamster.

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