Pokémon Cards
Yo fuck Logan Paul for his fucking Pokémon card videos. Now because of him I can't go out and find anymore fucking Pokémon cards. I went to four different Walmart ls, two different GameStops, a target and even a fucking Best Buy just to try and find anything and it's all gone.

I didn't think I'd have to preorder anything but fuck dude it seems like there's just no other way to get these things. Fucking scalpers no way they're getting any of my money. I don't even care about the big rare pulls I just wanted some cool new cards as I like Pokémon in general. I hope this shit starts calming down soon

from pc parts to ps5s to pokemon cards everything is hype now lmao

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how is that game still going isn't it heinously unbalanced

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Yeah, definitely sucks. Idk how some people are willing to pay insane prices for things like those. The only reason he bought them is cause he knows he can make money off of it. One idiot sells a card to another idiot at a higher price. Scalpers definitely ruin things for people who are just trying to casually collect things.

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It's also the people who are willing to pay scalpers for product. As a theme in general don't reward the scalpers by giving in to whatever they're selling. If people just hold off it gives scalpers a lot less reason to market