Pornstars with terrible acting
Hello all. I would like to ask which particular pornstars that you have watched or continue to watch that are not very good at the acting part aside from the sex.
It could be from actors that are just trying a bit to hard or actors that simply aren't in it and anywhere in between and out.

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>Pornstars with terrible acting
This is 99% of all porn "acting". That's why you never find porn stars at acting schools and Shakespeare festivals. And women faking orgasms and sexual enjoyment might as well be nails on the chalkboard.

Majority of them do

Might be easier to list those with good acting, cos the current standard for acting in Western (or at least American) porn is "ehhhh look at how bad our acting is! Horrible, right? BIG WINK"

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I am not looking at the acting.  I am looking at other things, of course.

Corey Chase has older scenes where you can tell her acting was so bad. she probably regrets those scenes

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How about the guy porn stars ? Anyone think they are acting or really enjoying it ? I mean getting paid to do it with a hot girl does that require acting ?

There are a few videos by Emily Willis that have pretty bad acting. I remember a friend even sending me a video she did and I couldn’t help but laugh at how awful it is.

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>How about the guy porn stars ? Anyone think they are acting or really enjoying it ?
I don't think they do.
You're not supposed to cum except when the director tells you to, so you gotta hold it in, then cum on command, and then get it right back up for the next scene.
You also gotta smell these women all day every day on shoot, and that smell can be... bad. And then you have to put up with their attitudes. And the director's attitude.
Then, you get paid pennies on the dollar, unless you are alreadya major male porn star, which means that you either have a real job to support yourself, or you do gay porn to make ends meet.

Being a male porn actor sounds like a terrible career choice, and I think very very few are happy to be doing it.

I know some ppl say they don’t care but if it’s really bad it’s distracting

True thats what happens

I just have a few

Probably 99% of them

Lucie Wilde is horrible

I just skip past the acting at the start lol though Vixen/Tushy have good acting imo

>Lucie Wilde is horrible
Wasn't she also forced into porn?

most of porns acting is bad. its part of the fun. probs the ones where they "fuck a fan"

“Those damn lemon stealing whores”

thet can be vety bsf

if they could act I'm sure they would be doing better things

Those Public Agent amateurs are all very bad at acting