Preference on race?
What's your preference on a girl's race, do you have one or two favourites or not care whatsoever?

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white & asian > latina & Ebony

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it doesn't really matter to me all that much to be honest with you

Skewed towards fair-skinned girls (so, mostly whites and asians) but that's a cultural beauty standard. Mostly depends on the girls - some I really like their features, some have really smooth or glowing skin, then colour doesn't matter.

Asian>White>Latina>Arab>everything else.

White>Latina/Asian>most everything else>Black>Alien

White and Latina

White or brown

i think Asian is best  At

No preference really!

I agree that At At

I tend to prefer white and latina

It's nice to switch it up. No complaints as long as they are in shape and well groomed.


White, latina, russians

asians all the way

Dont care as long as shes hot!!

Blacked will cure racism.

Hot face and body is all you need man. All races are great. Taste the rainbow.

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