Premier League Potential Winners
With Liverpool struggling with injuries, do you think that Tottenham has a chance this season?

I think Man City will pick up soon

Not a chance, it’s Man uniteds season without a doubt

This is such a topsy turvy season it really could be anyone out of the "big six" if you include Leicester in there over Arsenal.

I get the feeling Liverpool will probably take it again. Although they're dealing with injuries, it's not really stopped them much. It'd be nice to see Spurs win it though.

Seems a bit hard to call this season.

liverpool are gonna win it again

Nah Liverpool te inconsistent. I reckon Chelsea or maybe Spurs

It's going to be Liverpool and Tottenham neck-and-neck. With Kane and Son in peak form, and injuries decimating LIverpool's defense, I think Tottenham is a safer bet for winning the Premier League.

Although I do feel that who wins the league is largely contingent on the extent of the participation of the teams in the cup competitions. Like if Spurs keep playing on Thursday nights, injuries will definitely catch up to them, as they have Liverpool. And then things will be interesting because they don't have the depth in squad that you'd need to circumvent that threat.

actually think manu might nab it from everyone

I see Man City and Liverpool competing for the title by the end of the season with Man Utd or Tottenham coming in at third 
But if I have to pick one it would be Man City this time around since Liverpool are not so blessed with Van Djik this season.

Tottenham or man city

Got to be Man U

My hopes will always be with Hotspurs

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liverpool will definitely win, what are you on about?

Liverpool will win only if they improve their defense cuz of injuries. Let's go to see how good or bad is the new signing Ozan Kaban. I hope he could help to give more confidence and support to that weak defense.

man u beast with mr pogba

Well now its almost certainly City, I reckon they'll win atleasy 2 trophies this season, possibly a treble

Came back to see the predictions, F in the chat for people who said Liverpool and Man Utd.

he knew

made 100 bucks on them winning