Project youre most proud of?
I helped a friend design an app [read; he explained everything he was doing to me which helped him realize some errors as he walked through. i did literally no contribution, im a dumb dumb still] and when reading it back to him i explained his simple dumb apps code perfectly after he retaught me a hundred times lol. Im infant level at coding, but for you guys, no matter how small, what made you most proud when you were done?

I created a program that allowed me to predict sports outcomes through percentages with numerous factors and allowed me to cash out

Thats crazy, did it cash you out enough to retire?

i drew a picture a tree with my fingers and paint

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I created an app that used APIs from salty bets (online twitch fighting stream) and allowed players to play locally with friends using LAN network and make bets/track win/losses with each other. Good fun with friends! Never released it to the play store though.

I don't know if this counts has programming, but I use arduino to make a robotic arm

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