Puzzle game recommendations?
Don't have much to do at work these days and I'm bored as hell.
You guys know any challenging puzzle games that you play on mobile/pc?
I've been enjoying baba is you and polybridge these days.

Tetris is always great

Have you tried Portal?

there is one that i used to play it’s not exactly a puzzle it’s more like an escape game the name is agent A is about a spy

Yup, finished both 1 and 2 a few year ago

"Baba Is You" might be up your alley.

Limbo, Mushroom 11, Back to Bed, Bridge Constructor Portal, Puzzle Agent, The Room, The House of Da Vinci, The Talos Principle, The Witness, Infinifactory

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the witness, really enjoyed that one

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I just finish minit, really liked it. Not too puzzlely but the only thing puzzlely I've played lately. Now I would recommend some point and clicks, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, grim fandango or emulate some of the old broken swords and finally Lemmings can't go wrong with lemmings

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