Re3 Remake worth it?
I enjoyed the remake of Re2. 100% the game because I liked it so much. Can anyone share their thoughts on Re3?

Definitely recommend it BUT if you only play for story...story is pretty short... I find it more enjoyable than the RE2 remake tho. Nemesis is not Mr X like at all... and presonnaly the only part that I really felt anxious was in the first third of the game. Get it on sale. Also comes wit R3sistance pretty good survival trap/escape multiplayer mode in the vein of dead by daylight...

Depends what you liked about the RE2 remake. RE3 remake is shorter and less intense overall. Jill is cool though.

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Man I hope they remake Dino Crisis so bad...

Definitely worth it

not bed.. but easy game

My opinion this game is good , i like