Reading SCP to cure boredom. What is your favorite SCP?
so, why searching for porn, i stumble upon some unrelated post that lead me to SCP foundation. lol.  it surely can kill some time during lockdown.  anyway, my favorite one is SCP 3000, Anantashesha.  i always love diving (not deepsea diving tho) n i love the mystery of sea serpent too.  what's urs?

do we really want to know what kind of porn lead you to the SCP foundation?!!

Not an SCP per se but Lord Bung on youtube animates and voice acts some SCPs and its pretty entertaining

I've always been a fan of the SCPs that are locations. One of my favorites is the infinite Ikea with monstrous employees that become insanely violent at 'night' when the lights go out and the store closes.

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Probably SCP 173, it was the first one I ever read about and I always liked how something that looks so slow is fast.

I can't recall the number but the stairwell scp