Relationship advice?
So i recently confessed to my crush of 2 years and it all went smoothly until she said that she was talking to another guy that she just recently met... thing is she did say she likes me back and she just cant choose between the 2. Is this a red flag? I dont know whether to pursue this relationship or just stay as friends... advice anyone?

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Dude what the fuck is wrong with your ass? U gon fall for that bullshit? If you like her, tell her you want her, and she wants you, she will choose you. Be confident and go all in. Explain to her that you want her and that if she doesn’t pick you, you ain’t gonna sit there as plan B. SHE IS USING YOU AS A BACKUP PLAN, fool. You are available and she knows it. She gotta understand that if she is gonna lose you now, then it’s bye bye(no, don’t be friends to her). Go for it bro, goodluck I hope you’ll spread those cheeks

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ask her out dude

Shoot your shot, no point in wasting your time as the backup
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Bruh she's using you or him as a plan B.... if you ask me, leave her. She cant pick. Thats a red flag to me. Whether she ends up picking you or him, the other guy will forever be in her mind. She's tryna keep both of you so that if anything happens, she at least has one of you. Its up to you what you wanna do but this happened to me once and i regret not leaving. All the best man!

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I'm not the kind of guy that go strong and I prefer to let people choose for themselves, as you seem to wanna do with her. But if learned one thing in love, it's that some people do play like that with the heart of others.

Maybe she was honest and going "all or nothing" will be harsh, but there are better chances that she is, like 89% of us, brainwashed to romantic clichés and is just aroused by "strong man be bold" and this will tip the balance in your favor.

If she is the second type, never become too nice to her. People like that somehow feel that nice = boring (they never heard of originality apparently^^), and boring = byebye/cheating. As long as you always keep her wanting a bit, she'll be 100% into you.

Yes, that's fucked up. Welcome to the 89%.^^ Disney ain't its hands clean on that one.

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I'd like disappearing rather being a plan B. Girls are smarter than you can imagine.
In my opinion you did wrongly to wait so much time until confessing (not because it's wrong, but only because if you had some chances at the start, you waited so much and now your chances are lower).
She also could think that if you waited so much until now, you can also wait more, and even if she's dating with other guys she's sure that you will ever stay there to wait for her. 
The best thing that you can do right now is letting her understand that you will not be at her disposal, and you will chance sides when you will find something better than her (even if it's not true, creating some doubts on a relation is always good because she will think more carefully who to pick as boyfriend and so you will raise a bit your chances).

I just would like to say that this is my personal opinion, not something absolutely right but if it could help you in some ways i'd like to say it to you.

You definitely gotta double down and go for it, will regret it in the long run if you dont either way it goes down.

Good luck bro

Shoot your shot, if she aint with it. Move on

Ok first of all thats a major red flag.... she really shouldn't be entertaining the idea of another guy while she's with you. Id save your time and just break up with her. Girls like her are just going to wast a couple weeks/months of your life and then leave.

Also you might think im kidding, but think abt it.... shes thinking abt another dude while shes with you, in a relationship. Either shes bbeen using you or she just wanted to have a fling and then go on to the next guy. If you know the other dude id give him a heads up too. bros have to stick together.

Try to find something better

Go out with people that will celebrate you and that you celebrate. Say how you feel, and if she doesn't want to commit, stay friends if you want but close the door romantically and move to the next thing.

Keep trying man

You were the spare. The backup guy who never gets a shot.
Because between the two of you, a girl is gonna pick the new 'exciting' unkown option over something she knows EVEN if she knows you're a good thing.

Don't stay as 'just friends'. It will only just end in pain and misery

i think she might be telling you to hurry up and make up your mind.