Removing metadata in bulk content posts.
Guys, I've got a HTTrack web rip I did as a junior of Girls gone wild 2015-16 I want to post here, but my deets are all over it.... How the F87K can I bulk clean a gazillion files without, 1)uploading them to a site to do it (counter productive) 2)using 5 different apps because not all formats are supported inc HTM/HTML/PHP/Notepad/Page code/JPG/GIF/PNG blah blah blah 50 more extensions, 3)that can remove IP & SID info from all content.

If I had the power of hindsite, id have used this burner PC and all would be well in the world. But I'm stuck with some ripper oldskool content I wanna share.... Help a leaked brother out anyone? First person that comes up with a viable option gets the link in-boxed (Can I even do that without breaking a rule?). HAHA

Regards, Broker

I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but the following link may assist you. Link is broken up because we don't post links that cost credits on the discussion boards.

superuser (dot) com / questions / 767544 / how-to-remove-title-and-other-metadata-from-video-files

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