Request Bounty for verified Bermudian nudes from any source or any means.
Willing to pay for your efforts to find some. I have quite a bit. It's hard finding stuff cause it's a small island but if you can find stuff I'll pay you for your effort. Send me a preview so I can say if I already have it. I have most of the onlyfan stuff but who knows if I have them all. Also I have OG content that no one has. Ranging from regular nudes to scat humiliation slapping face and more. I can confidently say it's on the level of the legends of HLB that gave us tanya, lilly and all the other BM stuff.

unfortunatelly as nonpremium user I can't send you PM.
If you are still interrested, would you please contact me on (my username on that site is same as the one which I'm using here - Spinooko)? It's very similar site as this, but the great advantage of that site is that PMs are available even for nonpremium users.
Or you can send me an email [email protected] and we can arrange some sharings there.
I think that I surly have something to trade with you.
Looking forward to your message.  Wink