Request What do y’all think of war thunder currently?
Lately I’ve been feeling like Gaijin has gotten a bit more greedy then usual. Sure there are many new vehicles but seriously, the battlepass makes it where you can’t sell the vehicles for a long period of time (a very long period) not to mention it’s just a way to monetize the events. I don’t know, what do you all think?

World of tanks is better imo

I quit War Thunder years ago, just seems to be something that is cool at the start, but loses its luster quite quickly

Agree with the post above, though I do wish more flying games would have a SUPER simple flying mode like warthunder does!
Maneuvering around with just the mouse was so easy and actually made it super easy to get into.

The good ol' days D:

its quite sad to see brs 6.0+ balance just get yeeted to make top tier more enticing. it definitely was the nail in the coffin for me. the new tactical nuke basically describes what wt is nowadays