Request lost gdt episodes
Looking for these episodes of girlsdotoys.
can't find anything...

[Image: nbt-brun-gdt.jpg]
[Image: hot-nanny-gdtosy.jpg]

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Hey man I got the second vid did u manage to find the other one?

I got both of these episodes

I remember seeing these two ages ago but haven't had any luck since the site went down. Probably two of the hottest girls they've had as well.

If you have the vids, could you post them? 
I have some files I could trade... if that's what you're after?
[Image: Natalie1.jpg]

I would do anything to find these vids been searching for so many years... anyone out there with them

still looking for these videos?? are they really just gone forever?

Anyone has them? the previews on web archive were lost also sucks