Requested - 100 Bullets Book 1 – 5 (All Volumes)
Someone Requested it in my previous Thread, so here it is:

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If your life was destroyed, and you knew that those responsible would never be held to account, how far would you go to get revenge? 
If you were given a chance to kill anyone you wanted, with a guarantee that the law could not touch you, would you take it? 
That's the opportunity that a man called Agent Graves provides, in the form of a special case containing a gun, a hundred rounds of ammunition, and total immunity for their use. To the damaged and downtrodden living on the fringes of society, Graves's offer is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to even their scores. But beyond the fundamental dilemma of whether or not to pull the trigger, there is a deeper and even more troubling question that everyone who picks up the briefcase must ask themselves: Just who is making all of this possible—and why?



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I appreciate it.
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Thank you! I have been wanting to check those

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