Resident Evil 4 Remake Rumor
Today I saw some videos on youtube (and a news from a reliable information site) that are working on a resident evil 4 remake to be released in the new generation in 2022, I was happy when I read this too much, and I think the game will be super beautiful. In my opinion the game did not need a remake since I think the game is incredible the way it is, but seeing the other remakes as 2 and 3, who would not like to see resident evil 4 with graphics like that, no really ? What do you think about that?

Mate that'd be great. though the res 2 game scared the out of me. it was a struggle

they have to keep the base game itself good then add on to it. not take stuff, if they do this it will be better than the original.

The RE3 remake was a bit of a flop. I would love an RE4 remake, it's already masterful as it is and I'd love for Capcom to make up for their mistakes with the remake of RE3.

RE4 was my favorite until I played RE2 remake. Would definitely play a RE4 remake to see if it can take back top spot for me

I don't think RE4 needs to be remade. Still holds up pretty well today.

remake start??

It'd be great if it was remade but just as long as its not like RE3R i didnt enjoy that one

I never saw a good remake, i dont know why people get so hyped about that.

it would be damn beautiful

RE1 and 2 were great remakes, brings me back!

If they were to ever remake it, they should only update the graphics/gameplay since the game is pretty much a perfect blend of action and horror. If they mess with the story then personally, I think it should only be about why Claire and Sherry aren’t in the game. Maybe a mention from Hunnigan but idk.