Rewatchable Television Series Or Movies
What's your favorite television serious you're able to rewatch? Mine is Star Trek because the library is vast. I know a lot of people like to rewatch comedies like The Office. The one barrier to my ability to rewatch is that I can remember episodes rather easily and therefore some styles of television becomes more tedious to rewatch. A lot of people like to rewatch television because it's comfortable knowing what happens next and they enjoy certain types of stories. What's your favorite television series or even movies that you're able to rewatch or you enjoy rewatching?

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My wife and kids is awesome to see in a lazy day, but the office for me is a serie that I can never get enough

Community. I can always watch it

The Office is definitely rewatchable. Firefly too. I think Married with Children is also rewatchable.

For movies, the first two Terminator movies are totally rewatchable.

Sons of anarchy or angel are the ones i have rewatched alot... and the office