Rodrigo Duterte not running for Vice President of Phillipines
Rodrigo Duterte is retiring from Filipino politics
I realize it's foreign politics, but I feel like enough people know about him. Any thoughts on him suddenly announcing that he's not running for vice president?
Rodrigo Duterte is retiring from Filipino politics

Found out his kid is a drug user?

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Good. This means Manny can run.

He probably won't run anymore, I think his daughter then one of his cabinet members will be running for vp and presidency

According to the CDAN blind items today, the reason his daughter Sara isn't running for President/her dad going for VP is because they are directly connected to Marilou Danley, the Flip girlfriend of supposed Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. As in, they're closer than friends. Implying that both Dutertes are directly involved with the Vegas shooting itself. And opening that Pandora's Box will bring down a lot of people in power, and maybe some governments. That's why the FBI and the LVPD "don't know" what happened and why.

Um, okay. That's certainly a view.

>Um, okay. That's certainly a view.
Truth is stranger than fiction. And unfortunately, the truth will probably start several wars and lots of death. World politics is such a tangled web that it is impossible to disassemble. And the house of cards is falling. Just none of the cards have hit the ground yet.