[SPOILERS] What do people think of the attack in titan ending?
It wasn't that great imo. But it didn't ruin the rest of the series for me

Same for me, I've seen a lot of hate online but i think it was a fine ending, maybe Isayama should have made it a bit longer like 2 more chapters but overall it was a great series. Maybe he was pressured to end it now, i guess we'll never know for sure

In my opinion, the end of series is good. Isoyama did a great job.

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I quite liked it. Typically people dont like endings to things anyways

It is a good ending but I feels like the ending could be better.

Yeah ending definitely could of been better but I still enjoyed it

I mean its not an absolutely awful ending, just a bit underwhelming for plot and lore we've been given so far. It feels like the whole journey wasn't really that meaningful or impactful in a way?