Science Fiction Series
Ideas for what to watch,
any good Science Fiction series?

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Of the top of my head I can recommend Doctor Who and Cowboy Bebop. The latter being an anime, I think it's on Hulu right now.

Can be a bit cheesy sometimes but I can see why firefly has its following, some pretty good writing

There's some good ones on Netflix.
Depend if you are subscribed to it or not.

I mostly watch series based on real events these days so hard to suggest a new one.

Back to the Future us a good one

i like to watch from amazon prime video, find sci-fi categories lot of good stuf

Big Bang theory? I prefer going with classical novels, and series based on novels.

The first season of Westworld is fantastic
Don't bother watching the rest of the show unless you want to be dissapointed

I like westworld too, if you like space themes un can watch battlestar galactica

dark es muy buena, además se viene la parte 3

Black Mirror
X files
Altered Carbon

oh and Enterprise

Altered carbon on netflix,its epic bruda

Steins;gate (Time Travel Anime); Primer and Predestination for live-action time travel movies. All of them are amazing

Go back and watch TNG, classic sci-fi right there. Pretty sure it's on netflix


Star Trek could quickly become one of your favourite shows: Smile