Sea Of Thieves PvE AND PvP
Not sure how many of you care about this topic or SOT (Sea of Thieves), but while this game has a lot going for it, the mixed PvP and PvE modes are ruining the game for casual players.

I enjoy PvP as much as the next - competitive first Person shooters like COD/BF are great. However, when I just want to sit back and sail the seas while completing some quests, I constantly get sunk by a team of 2-4 hardcore players (or multiple ships). Again this type of competition is awesome, but why can't there be an additional game mode that removes the PvP aspect while sharing the world with other players? 

This would allow the seas to be filled with 2-3x more players (if not more) making the world feel a lot more filled. This would allow players to even get together and do quests together. Players would even get together and organize a competitive battle in the arena.

The type of PvP and PvEode I'm talking about is similar to that of Disney's original POTCO (Pirates of the Caribbean Online) MMO which was a terrific game.

Leveling up and improving your ship/weapons actually gave a player a realistic advantage against PvP matches.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?

I agree with you, when you are doing a quest alone and somes try harders sunk you without reason and you have to make the quest again (or can't do it if it destroy you're cargo) its very raging. They have to make a server PvE and PvPvE (like that if you want to play reaper you can)