Sea of Thieves 2020

Sea of Thieves was always an exciting idea to me, seeing as I loved both pirates and rare. When it launched, it didn't really have that much to offer in terms of content, so it wasn't very appealing to a lot of people. It was for that reason, and a few others including bugs, toxicity, repetitive quests, etc. But honestly, I think SOT in 2020 is extremely playable, I was even super impressed by the initial release. What do you think?
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played for a bit a few years back and liked it, but haven't touched it in a long time. has a lot changed since around 2017?

Yep. Lots of new content and cosmetics

Same, I played long ago and it was too repetitive. But man, I entered a few months ago and it's a totally different game, much more enjoyable.
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I haven't played it yet but im looking forward to play SOT cause i love pirate thing so much lol

I agree, but I do wish I could play it on the ps4, plus the game is honestly only fun with friends if im being real.