Should Fast and Furious have ended at 7?
I was watching the Paul Walker tribute scene on YouTube and a lot of the comments were saying that the franchise should have ended at that.

What are your opinions on this? Does the franchise still have potential or is it dying?

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I don't think it's dying. The idea itself is nice even if it's getting repetitive.
I stopped enjoying it long time ago but I still do watch whenever it comes out to streaming services.
It's one of those movies that I wouldn't mind watching at home

They should have ended before Stamos became goodish

It should've ended at 1. Excellent standalone story. But streetracing and making money with that and drugs is the fantasy of many people, so they watch it. It's content for the lower classes that's really profitable, so it'll keep going.

It’s should have end at 5. Everything else is like family’s superpower

Dude! It's about the FAMILY.

It should of ended at 5 as previous person said. tbh that is the only one i can watch more than once, just view it as a heist movie

Quote:It should've ended at 1

that was just a blatant remake of point break. whichever had the one with the bank vault in brazil is the best one.

Quote: that was just a blatant remake of point break.
Everything in Hollywood is a remake of a remake of a remake. Just like everything on the Internet is a repost of a repost of a repost. I haven't seen Point Break, so I can't say if it's a remake, but I won't be surprised if you're right. But a modern young audience probably won't watch Point Break, so they made F&F for them. And they made a shit ton of money on it.

the fact that they "went to space" in F9 and it was so anticlimactic made me feel pretty done with them, but as long as they can keep making money off of the franchise they'll keep doing it.

The fast and furious series Will remain a cashgrab movie franchise, but still hold some sort of entertainment value

Quote: the fact that they "went to space" in F9
Anon, they went to space every single time that cast and crew did coke before filming. I don't think those people were ever on earth to begin with.

Quote: The fast and furious series Will remain a cashgrab movie franchise
Hollywood managed to figure out how to easily distract and make a shit ton of money off of the lower classes of this nation. Took them long enough to figure out how to do it.

Quote:Everything in Hollywood is a remake of a remake of a remake

well, not everything. if you're talking about big corporate movies backed by giant companies then yes, because they're created off an algorithm of what's worked in the past. it doesn't mean its going to be a good. point break was only 10yrs earlier than f&f and it's far superior. there needs to be a rule that a movie can't be remade until after 20 years minimum lol

It may live for two more movies.

We wouldn't be alive it they stopped.

On the one hand, I can't stop watching them cuz they're fun. But yes, they've gone so far that it's just hilarious. Outer space. What's next in F10? I'll still watch!

Should have ended at 2