Should buy PS5 or waiting for next gen gaming laptop? And also PS5 only games
Any Gamer/Tech enthusiast here? 

I owned a normal laptop that daily use for work and game (but cannot setting high/ultra due to the mid spec from 2017).
And how quite struggle to play new AAA game.
Not own any PS4/Switch/Xbox series. 

But heard good things about this gen consoles but I also see some news about the new CPU and new Nvidia GPU that likely to be announced soon.

So do you have playing your game by PC or PS more? Cause the gaming laptop and PC parts are quite expensive by this current situation.
But the later the new tech comes, it will perform better surely.  

Also exclusive games for PS5 is new worth the money though? Because I felt like the game now tends to be selling on other platform by year later and such.

Sorry for my poor English.

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If you can get ahold of a ps5 and don’t necessarily need a laptop, go for the ps5. Just keep in mind that games usually go on sale more frequently and for deeper discounts on pc.

Sales on PS5 have improved significantly compared to the PS4, albeit they still aren’t as good as pc/laptop. But look into the exclusives PS provides, if you think you’ll like them I would recommend buying a ps5

I would also have a look on what games u wanna play , some are ps5 exclusive on pc u can use stadia and still play console games aswell =).

exclusives would be the biggest point sadly. If every game could be accessed by PC then 100% yah, but if you really need a demon soul then question becomes tougher.

I just want to get PS5 for only Gran Turismo 7