Should doping be punished more harshly?
Since we´ve heard of organized doping from Russian sports teams it seems like they don´t really care about the risks, right? Punishing them way more harder would at least diminish this problem, or am I wrong?

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Doping doesn't belong at the olympics. There are many clean athletes who have lost awards because of cheaters. Cheaters and especially state-sponsored doping should be punished to the fullest extent. And yes, that would diminish the problem.

yes, states which engage in organised doping programs should be banned from all international sport until they can prove that their systems have changed

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i think whoever wants to will do it regardless of punishment

Not in this current environment Every pro athlete dopes in some way shape or form

Yes it should

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Probably, the main reason so many are probably not doping in the first place is due to the current punishments. Increased punishments should have even more not dope.