Should sports league's resume during Pandemic?
I've been pretty bored like everyone else. Really missing sports, and I think there are several sports with less players that could be resumed. What sports would you like to see return during this tough time?

I think it's foolish to resume them. I do like what NASCAR has done - taken to digital races. That wouldnt work as well for the other sports, but I dont think it is worth it to resume them now.

Hopefully football begins next month or early June..

I think for safety they shouldn't restart too soon, but i would 100% watch if they did. yes i guess i'm a hypocrite

Greedy me, wishes they would, to give us something to watch and occupy time with, realistically its not safe to

Definitely not. Although I hope to watch the NBA soon, I would NOT want Lebron, or any other player catch covid19 and be at the risk of losing their lives.

I'd love for sports to resume, but now is def not the time.

100% no. why risk it. Sure it sucks but we just have to wait.