Should we be worried about the countereffects of the J&J vaccines?
I don't understand why the US stopped aplying the J&J vaccine. I remember back in January a doctor in Florida died days after he had the Pfizer vaccine because of a weird coagulation disease after the vaccine, and other people also reported the same issue but the vaccination campaing didn't stopped back then.


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im also worried

Just in case, I'm not anti-vax or anything like that


No, trust the science

id say a huge yes

Yeah, the amount of cases that it's already affecting is quite concerning. We definitely need more time to produce a stable, reliable vaccine.

The reason the the J&J vaccine was paused was for an over of abundance of caution and to let doctors know how to treat this rare blood clot. One person died out of over seven million people who were vaccinated so it is extremely rare to get a blood clot. The blood clot requires a different treatment compared to other more common blood clots. Several organizations are gathering more information about the vaccine.

When you get vaccinated you will have some side effects but that means it is working. The vaccines are there to make you resistant to covid19 and if you do get covid19 after the vaccination it isn't as harmful. I understand that it is scary since it is really new and that someone has died due to this vaccine. I am personally not worried since covid19 is a lot scarier to me than treatable blood clots.

The new vaccine thing in my opinion has nothing to do with public health, they’ll have a system in place that will tell everyone wether or not you’re vaccinated, much like how the nazis divided Germany. People scoff are the comparisons but no government with that much power hasn’t abuse it.

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Time will tell, listen to your gut/intuition.