Site credits required for elite member?
Ever since the new update I’ve been receiving this message on threads: you don’t have enough credits. Required: 0.

I’m an elite member and have never had this problem. Currently says I have -1 credits on my account and posting doesn’t change it? Help.
As you are aware, Elite users don't need to spend Credits (or Contributor Points)

I think this was caused because you had negative credits (somehow ? )

Its not an issue with the new interface. If it happens again please let me know
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Same thing happened to me, i have elite membership that expires October 20th but it doesn't let me see the links and asks for credit for some reason. Ever since new version came out
Same problem, bought elilte on the 25th of September and now it says I need to upgrade again...
Same here. Although I do have credits (or had)

Ah wait it says I am a junior member but renewed my elite member last month..