Situation in Ukraine - Will there come to war?
Invasion of Russia on Ukraine, according to the annoucement of the Pentagon, was to occur on Wednesday, February 16. Fortunately, nothing had happened.
The situation in Ukraine is very tense. My theory is that Russians will bring more army to the border with Ukraine, then declare that they will withdraw them anymore. When they will withdraw, we will all be happy that the war has passed. After a while, it turns out that they really do not really withdraw. There will probably be some concessions for Russia in connection with the whole situation. Even if the war does not come, Europe will not be the same anymore. How will this affect Europe? What will be the world impact?
I invite you to share your opinion!

If you look at the world news subreddit, there’s a constant thread there that posts updates in real-time, well, with articles. It’s been pretty interesting, hopefully we get an outcome that’s desirable.

Unfortunately it has already started at the moment I write this message. I thought a war was very unlikely because of the economic losses regarding Europe and Russia, but I forgot about Putin's emotional side.

Gas prices are jumping here (USA) because of this. Hoping this will all blow over soon so gas prices will come back down.