Smash DLC
So what's everyone's opinion on Sephiroth as the new DLC fighter? Me myself would've preferred a different character but nonetheless I'm still pretty content with who we got.

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Happy to see more representation for FF, still waiting for Crash tho

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Super excited tbh, Sephiroth is such a badass character, I cant wait to not buy him and lose to all my friends who do

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Sephiroth's final smash better be supernova or people will riot. I would have preferred Vincent or Red.

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Ugh I love Sephiroth. One Winged Angel better be a bgm and supernova better be the final smash tho

Pretty beast ngl

I'm hoping for Sora to be added but with all the Disney hurdles I don't think it'll happen sadly

yeah, sounds good

I’m down with it

I would prefer reps from other games.

Im hoping they can bring characters from big franchise that isnt just Nintendo.

I fuck with it