So I was wondering about the Marvel Spider-Man games
I don't own a PS4 and I've been longing for playing Marvel's Spider-Man, but now we already have Spider-Man Miles Morales and the PS5 plus the fact that a sequel to the first game is coming in 2023. So I was wondering: should I get the PS4 and play both Spider-Man games already released and pray that the sequel is also available for tha platform or should I save a lot of money and get the PS5 already? Consider I have really low income and the PS5 is like 5x the price of a used PS4 in my country.

[Image: images-9.jpg]

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You absolutely should play these games. Literally some of my all-time favorite PS exclusive titles. Whether you play on PS4 or 5, I HIGHLY recommend these games. They are loads of fun with well-developed characters and great storylines. The combat is fun too. Definitely worth it!

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You should definitely play these games they are great!