Social media addiction?
Anyone feel addicted to social media or their phone? Twitter, reddit, instagram, anything. How do you fight against this?

I definitely spend way too much time on social media like tiktok, but I try to limit it using the iphone features

Yes, it is indeed an addiction. I use Forest app to keep focus on my tasks and don't use the phone. Maybe you can try it.

go outside, sounds cliche but helps

Depends on the person,social media can be an addiction and you can reduce it by deleting social media that you don't use,be mindful on the time spent online and if you want turn off the notifications

I think it's good to avoid looking at your phone in social settings. The amount of times I've been with friends and the moment conversation dies we all go to our social media to pass the time, it becomes reflexive. So definitely need to work to keep it in it's place

Yep I feel like I am, deactivate all your account temporarily, it helps a lot.

Biggest thing is turning your notifications off for all your apps and turn your phone to silent so you only look at it when you are choosing to. Will reduce your screen time massively

If you cant control yourself about social media when u need to, you need to look into deactivating for a while

Iphones have screen time in the settings where you can set time limits on apps or set a limit on the actual phone