Some enjoyable activities using Computer?
I'm sick of playing games, it's getting boring as I found the similarity of system and want to spend my time more productively.

any suggestions?

Try coding or video editing both can be fun. If you can draw try drawing. I learnt a few skills and i started modding.

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I've been trying to learn 3D CAD software like fusion 360 and blender lately and i enjoy it. Blender is free and has a lot of good online tutorials

watching hella porn lol

Nah that is going to turn you in a full blown coomer  Big Grin

But yeah id suggest learning programming, i've had tons of fun making small projects with python!

Exercising will lead to a better quality and longer life and women or men will be more likely to suck your dick.

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Do something which will make you money in the future. Coding is a good example as suggested by someone else.

Do you like learning Give Khan Academy a try. They have a leveling system which is kind of like playing a game, but rewards you for watching videos. It's something different.

try watching porn or better yet start making it, ayo

Coding and physical activity are good picks. One fill keep your mind "fit" and second one your body Smile