Soo tell me about the teacher you have a crush on?
Mine: Math teacher, tall, wear glasses, dark haired, and tbh nothing really remarkable in the size of boobs and ass. What made me have a crush on her is that she has this sweet girl kind of face, and very intuitive with the students. Me being good at math is a perk too, so we hang and talk a lot. Nothing happens of course even though I don't mind if something happens, she's like 7-10 years older.

Had a crush on my 4th grade teacher. She had pretty nice assets. I still think about her from time to time

I had a psych option class in high school. Boring class and the only reason any guy didnt skip it was for our hot teacher. She'd always wear the tightest pants. Never know what happened to her

My presentation skill teacher. She is sooo funny, pretty cute and also care about us

Grade 5 teacher. She looked like a hotter version of charlize theron. Lord have mercy on my soul, little 10 yr old me was flabbergasted when i first came to class. I thoughy it was some type of mistake