Spiderman: No Way Home (trailer/movie). Your thoughts?
The new Spiderman's trailer is here. Doc Ock and all.

What do you think of the upcoming movie? Chills, literal chills? 
..Or do you feel it's drifting into some sort of exaggerated space adventure? (*Ehem* fast & furious)

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It will be probably better than avengers endgame/ infinity war, I’m hyped about the movie, hope it after that it will be 2 Spider-Mans franchises (Garfield or Maguire and Holland)

Very excited for Toby to return, and I’m beyond hyped to see the Green Goblin and the Doc. I’m sure it’ll be a great watch!

I'm very excited I've been waiting for this movie ever since far from home. Although I will say I'm keeping my expectations low, not like everyone else it seems

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I kinda wish movies would try not dropping trailers -- at least the big ones that are already guaranteed an audience. save everything for the movie! I know there's more in store, but still

Im super excited. But I think im going to try and avoid any future trailers. I just feel like theres going to be a lot of crazy surprises.

I must be the best spiderman movie ever.