Starting with Coding
Completely new to coding. I wanna know what kicked off your interest and how you got started with it!

Ever since I can remember I lover learning how things worked. All my toys, remote control cars and light switches, hoes, basically anything. I would always ask questions to anyone who was around but most of the time they didn't know or was tired of my questions. When I was old enough to use the internet I fell in love with YouTube. I would watch tech and science videos all day. Because of this interest I always knew I wanted to be and engineer but I never really picked which type of engineer I wanted to be. In high school I took both programming classes and engineering classes and equally liked both. It was not until college that I had to pick which major I wanted in engineering that I picked computer science because the description they had in the orientation booklet. I didn't even know that it led to a career in programming. I picked a specialization in software engineering which at that time I did not know would change my life. It had a more structure set of classes compared to the base computer science major and it made me take a lot of theory classes which by far were the hardest classes I have ever taken. But it shaped my mindset and understanding of how and why computer logic is written the way it is. Which gave be a deeper understanding and purpose to spend a lifetime honing my craft. The pay doesn't hurt either.

Mine was a website i needed, it was too expensive to hire someone.