Stimulus check & streaming felony
I don't know if you guys have heard, but apparently sneaked in a new law making it a felony with a 10 year prison sentence, for anyone caught running or facilitating access to streaming content. That is pretty fucking crazy.

Anyone have more details?

It isn't so much access to streaming content, but connected to copyrighted material.

E.g. I play a song during a live stream and I'm shit on by DMCA reports (as what has been happening with twitch lately). The thing is this was tacked onto another bill to sneak it in. It will probably be shot down by the house and others. The main thing though is how unreliable those copyright flagging systems are. Someone was banned on twitch for POLICE SIRENS HAPPENING OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE. Twitch itself has been shitting on its fanbase lately and people have started to notice about this. The question is how will videogame devs and publishers feel about this? I suspect they are divided as streaming, let's plays, and other things are basically free advertisement, but some don't want people to see their shoddy games.

We'll need to see how this plays out. We have another bigger issue at hand though and that is the repeal of section 230. This will be catastrophic.

didnt they try this before with limewire etc for torrenting?