Super Bowl LVIII matchup locked in, Chiefs vs. 49ers. Who yall got?
Well Championship Sunday has come and gone, and it looks like we got our official matchup for this year's Super Bowl.

For the American Football Conference, the Kansas City Chiefs will play as the "home" team (SB games are played at a neutral location and the designation of home and away team alternates between the two conferences). In the AFC Championship, the Cheifs were able to knock out the Ravens from contention as Lamar Jackson had the one of the worst postseason showings in his career (based on me watching it lol). Additionally, the Ravens, who were favored to win this game, couldn't quite get their run game going, and some critical fumbles and dropped passes from the wide receivers sealed their fate.

As for National Football Conference, the San Francisco 49ers managed to mount a 17 point comeback in the 3rd quarter, and take the lead in the forth, to block the Detroit Lions from advancing to what would've been the team's first super bowl appearance. This Championship was unique in the sense that the starting QBs for both teams were either first pick or last pick of their draft class; Jared Goff being the first overall pick, while Brock Purdy was last overall pick in his respective draft class. And despite leading 24-7 at the end of the half, a series of catastrophic events prevented the Lions from holding onto their lead in the last half of the game, with the 49ers winning 34-31.

So with that, who do you all got for this Super Bowl? Me personally, I don't care much for the 49ers (does anyone outside of the bay area really do?) And I also despise the Chiefs, especially since Patrick Mahomes is for whatever reason the refs golden boy. Personally, I hope they both lose lol. What are your guy's takes?

I hope the 9rs win I hate PH. He's a product of rule changes and not a great QB