Superman comes out as bisexual
Thoughts on that recent announcement?

A big gay., that is all

I mean, I really don't care myself. I guess good visibility for others?

Fuck that shit.

The SJW/LGBTQP+/NPC/Feminazi crowds still will not buy comic books, nor will they see comic movies. Why are they pandering to this crowd? All they're trying to do is destroy another thing white males enjoy.

EA DICE found that out the hard way as BFV fucking bombed. None of the SJW/LGBTQP+/NPC/Feminazi crowds bought or played the game, even though EA DICE pandered to them. So now, BF2042 is going to be manly af and features all males.

So fuck this gay Superman bullshit. Although... if they make a gay Superman movie, I'm all for Henry Cavill to play the gay one, and have a full on love scene, just so I can see him embarassed on the silver screen (or my tv).

its bullshit

I thought this was funny:
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Batty's everywhere

If DC wishes to continue to sell less, and less comics then be my guest, go ahead and pander to a group that doesn't buy comics